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You’re doing something tomorrow night

Doing anything tomorrow night? WRONG. You are doing something tomorrow night. You’re going to see a pop band. The band is The Sound Of Arrows. What will they do when you see them? They’ll sing some songs.

You’re going to a concert!

You may begin thinking about travel plans first, obviously, depending on where you live. If you live in America you’ve still got time to fly to London, but get a flight soon! If you’re already in London you won’t need to think about travel plans until tomorrow. If you live somewhere other than London or America — perhaps you’re in Denmark, or Watford — nailing your your itinerary will be less urgent, but it’s still important. Don’t leave it too late.

You’ll need to buy a ticket of course. That’s important. Get that bit done now. To do that you’ll visit a URL that looks a lot like http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/3047756 and you’ll select the number of tickets you require; you’ll consider £15 plus arbitrary service fee to be reasonably good value for an evening’s entertainment.

Tomorrow evening, if you’re heading there straight from work you might grab a bite to eat first. You may have a couple of drinks. Don’t drink too much! Don’t eat too much either, shitting in music venues is not a good look.

When the band come on you will clap. You’ll clap when they finish their songs too. You’ll clap the hardest at the end of the show. Then the band will probably come on again and do a final song and you will clap again.

On the way home you will be happy that you saw The Sound Of Arrows. You’ll know for certain, having suspected for a while, that The Sound Of Arrows are one of 21st Century pop’s best bands. You won’t know when you will see The Sound Of Arrows on stage again, but you’ll always have their music.

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