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Waka Flocka Takes Fan’s Trump Shirt And Wipes His Bare, Naked Ass With It [VIDEO]

Someone thought it would be cute to rock a Donald Trump jersey to a Waka Flocka concert. They went back home without it.

Waka Flocka is very popular on the college concert market and his latest appearance was at the Georgia Theatre near the University of Georgia. In case you didn’t know, Georgia went down as a red state where the majority of voters went for Trump in the last election. So, even though no one was spotted rocking a “Make America Great Again” it’s safe to assume there were plenty of Trump supporters on the premises.

Waka has openly criticized Trump for his stance on undocumented immigrants living in America. But he’s also said that “Obama don’t count” as the first Black president. So, there’s some context for his political views.

However, Waka let it be known that he absolutely doesn’t root for Trump and showed this by calling out a fan who wore a Trump jersey to his show. After getting over the shock that a Trump jersey was actually made, exists and worn by someone, Waka asked the fan to take it off so he could see it. After convincing the fan that “he f*ck with it” and that he actually voted for Trump, Waka finally got the jersey in his hands.

That’s when he proceeded to use the Trump paraphernalia appropriately, by wiping his ass with it.

After throwing it on the ground, Waka reminded the fan anyone else out there to “never in your motherf*cking life” bring any Trump gear to his shows.

The fan knew what he was getting into though and documented the experience and aftermath on Twitter.

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