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The 1997 Suburban That Biggie Was Killed In Is On Sale For $1.5M

As we approach the 20th anniversary of Biggie‘s death, the vehicle he was murdered in has hit the auction block.

Moments In Time, the same auction company selling the BMW that Tupac was fatally shot in, is auctioning off the 1997 GMC Suburban that Biggie was murdered in. In case you’re wondering,  yes, the sales are connected.

After Moments In Time revealed they were selling ‘Pac’s car for $1.5 million, the owners of the Suburban reached out and asked if they would be interested in selling their vehicle as well.

They asked via a letter to the company. According to the people selling the truck, they purchased it in October 1997, from whoever bought the car at a police auction. They say they only bought the vehicle to transport their growing family. They did not realize the Suburban’s history until 2005 when the LAPD asked to use it as evidence in the trial for the wrongful death suit filed on his behalf. That case would up ending in a mistrial.

Twenty years later, they say they are finally ready to part ways with the vehicle.

The vehicle has been fully restored, but there are still remnants of bullet holes.

Moments In Time


Moments In Time

If you are in the market for a piece of Hip-Hop history, the bidding starts at $1.5 million.

Photo: AP

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