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SURPRISE: Lil Yachty Says Biggie Is “Overrated” In Obvious Troll Attempt [VIDEO]

It’s been a few weeks since we heard Lil Yachty say something to piss off Hip-Hop fans over the age 30. Today he said The Notorious B.I.G. is “overrated.”

As guest on Pitchfork’s Over/Under series, the outspoken Atlanta rapper admitted that he thinks The Notorious B.I.G. is overrated. In fact, he took off his white rimmed shades, looked right into the camera and said it, on purpose.


No surprise here. This is the same guy who said that he can’t name five of his or Tupac‘s songs. It’s obvious that he’s saying this just to get a rise out of people, so there shouldn’t be any reason to get mad at him, this time.

Plus, let’s not act like he’s the only person who feels this way. We’re sure that in your most heated Top 5 or ‘Pac vs. Biggie debates that someone has thrown the “he only released two albums” card.

Check out more of what Yachty and his producer The Good Perry had to say about other things like piracy and fake IDs in the video below. Peep our exclusive interview with Yachty’s pops, Shannon McCollum, who explains why his son could feel this way after the jump.

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