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Rude GRL are Jenna Dickens and Ben out of La Roux, and they’re quite brilliant

Rude GRL is a new duo, although you might also think it’s just one person, because there’s just one person in the photos. A bit like La Roux. AND ALSO A BIT LIKE LA ROUX the chap keeping himself well out of the photos is one Ben Langmaid. In fact that’s precisely like La Roux.

In short: Ben from La Roux has a new project and it’s Rude GRL.

Also, though, with all due respect to Lango let’s not make this all about him because this project is very much about this ludicrously talented MC called Jenna, who you might recognise as JLD (or JayEllDee). We first met Jenna ages and ages and ages ago (she ended up briefly signing to Mercury) and she’s always seemed like a total star. 1

WAY the first single from Rude GRL is called ‘That’s The Way It Is (Survival Of The Sickest)’ and it’s out tomorrow — that’s Friday — as the first release on Rat Boy’s new label SCUM RECS. It’s lots of fun and, as luck would have it, it’s embedded below.

You’re also in luck if you’d like to read some quotes about the whole thing because we have been ‘furnished’ with three blocks of text regarding this release.

The first is from Jenna herself.

“I’m so excited to get this music out there! I hope it causes some mayhem. Ben is like a big brother to me, he’s really been there for me personally, as well as in music. That’s what has made the music so special. We were allowed a space to put everything into it: the raw and the real… No holding back!”

That’s all very well, but what does Ben himself have to say?

“Jenna and I clicked immediately, as soon as we met. When it comes to her rhymes and flows, combined with the journey she’s been through, she’s a musical force to be reckoned with. She is the real deal, and a true star, so I was excited to work with her and I’m really proud of the music we’ve created!”

And so you should be Ben. But what of the elusive (not-remotely-elusive) Ratboy? Is he, like Jenna, excited?

“I’m excited to announce my own label SCUM RECS. I’ll be working with and releasing new artists that I’m excited about. Rude Grl is our first release. Jenna has had a tough upbringing and she channels it into witty playful bars over 80s-styled beats. I’ll be welcoming loads of different styles and sounds to SCUM RECS from everywhere around the world.”

Three quotes! Usually you only get one quote with this sort of thing so this is a real treat. Anyway we’ve heard some of what’s to come from Rude GRL and we really could be looking at the start of something quite brilliant here so please do your very best to keep an eye on them.

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 Rude GRL are also on the book of face

  1. Some people have just ‘got it’ haven’t they?

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