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Remy Ma Slays W/ A Tasty-Looking Outfit: “My Husband Loves It” [Video]

Remy Ma Papoose

New York rapper Remy Ma is taking a minute away from “Shether”-promoting to treat fans to her latest fashion slaying. The hip-hop diva went to Instagram this weekend with some new curvy pics.

Remy hopped on IG Saturday (June 17) night with a couple Papoose-approved shots.

My baby, my girl, the amazing entrepreneur, the heiress of high heels, @IAmJenniferLe sent me these custom CRAZYYYY ass shoes for my birthday 🔥 Only 2 pair were created- MINES & hers…I've been dying holding these in my closet for 2 whole weeks😏 Thank you Jenn, 💋luv u 2 pieces #RemyMa #RemyMafia

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Earlier in the week, Remy boasted about destroying her rap rival Nicki Minaj after performing her hard-hitting “Shether” diss record at Hot 97’s Summer Jam concert.

“Pap. You know what’s so crazy? N*ggas say Pap is writing for me. First of all, my husband is dumb nice. Let’s just be clear on that – n*ggas ain’t never want to give him his props. Now, when n*ggas get ‘Shethered,’ now all of a sudden, he’s writing my rhymes? Who the fuck was writing my rhymes before I met him? I met Pap after ‘Lean Back,’ after ‘Conceited,’ after ‘Whatever,’ after the ‘Ante Up’ remix, after all my mixtapes. Who was writing my sh*t then? Like, are you f*cking dumb? And I’m bigger than you. It ain’t about who’s bigger, it’s about who’s better. Stupid.”

A few days ago, Hot 97’s Funk Flex clowned Nicki after Remy Ma dissed her at Summer Jam.

Last Sunday night, Remy Ma let loose on Nicki by performing her hard-hitting “Shether” diss song..

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