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President Obama Roasts Michael Jordan About “Crying Jordan” Meme [VIDEO]

Michael Jordan re-lived the meme that’s making him internet famous when he was bestowed with the Medal of Freedom from President Obama.

Micahel Jordan has won a lot of awards, medals and trophies throughout his life and career as a basketball player. He’s made a lot of money off selling Air Jordans too. But there is a generation growing up that only knows him for sneakers and this:


In fact, the Crying Jordan meme has become so popular, the President of the United States felt it was necessary to remind some and inform others of just who Michael Jordan is.

During a ceremony where President Obama awarded the Medal of Freedom to a group of distinguished individuals, that included Jordan, he took a moment to jokingly tell people Jordan was “more than just an internet meme.”

Jordan, who reportedly hates the meme more than he hates the Detroit Pistons, couldn’t help but laugh himself. His emotional face was almost completely identical to the OG “Crying Jordan” face.


Jordan was joined by likes of Diana Ross, Cicely Tyson and Kareem Abdul-Jabaar is recipients of the Medal Of Freedom. They are among the last group that will receive the honor from President Obama.

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