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Porter Robinson says recent detachment from majority of songs ‘was not sarcasm’

Yesterday, January 23, Porter Robinson caused a stir in the dance music realm when he publicly disavowed all but 11 of his songs on Twitter. In the tweets Robinson posted, all of the songs in his “new canon” were from his 2014 debut album Worlds, excepting “Language,” his respective Madeon and Mat Zo collaborations “Shelter” and “Easy,” and his 2015 remix of Nero’s “The Thrill.” The artist decreed that all other songs in his catalogue were now “unofficial.”

Perplexities arose as to whether or not Robinson was being genuine in his sweeping statement. Many presumed the tweets to be a sarcastic response to a Spotify playlist containing only the listed songs. However, the enigmatic producer has now clarified that, he was indeed being sincere in his assertion. Ever the lover of ephemerality, Robinson elaborated on the matter by posting the following message into a Snapchat story:

“don’t wanna bump that thread on twitter but because people are misunderstanding it: i am literally saying those are the only songs that i stand by. i was not being sarcastic. that was a playlist that i made to showcase the music that i feel proud of. it was not sarcasm. that tweet was 100% unprovoked by anything specific. just wanted to let you know how i feel!”

It’s worth noting that the artist’s now-renowned playlist, which is titled “This Is: Porter Robinson,” is subject to change at the artist’s discretion. At press time, the collection has more than doubled in size, sitting at 24 songs in total. Robinson has returned fan favorites such as “100% in the Bitch,” “Say My Name,” and Knife Party’s “Unison” remix into the “canon,” while he has removed “Fresh Static Snow,” “Goodbye to a World,” and his remix of “The Thrill.”

Stream Robinson’s playlist and view his Snapchat story below:

IMG_0773 IMG_0774 IMG_0775 IMG_0776 IMG_0777

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