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Oh Snap!: Snapchat Filters Can Now Recognize Pets & Food

Snapchat took some L’s this year especially with Instagram jacking their swag and successfully using it. Looks like they may get their swagger back with their new smart Snapchat filters.

With a redesign on the way, these new filters might be exactly what the social media app needs to regain its users. The new filters Snapchat is rolling out will not only recognize your face but what’s in the background as well. Thanks to contextual-aware graphics this new feature is now a reality.

Snapchat confirmed to Mashable they have quietly rolled out the new filter to users which can be found in the filter carousel.

Snapchat Filters


The filters not only serve as tools decorate your food photos or acknowledge Spot in the photo with you, but will also supply Snap Inc with the revenue it needs. Brands can get in on the action by paying to sponsor filters based on the user’s locations or the user’s unique interests.

Don’t be surprised to see Snap also using the new filters for ADs in the future as well. So let’s say you go to McDonald’s for example and take a picture, the filter could bring up a menu or offer you a coupon or discount. Now the new filters don’t only recognize your food and pets but also sports equipment, and objects at specific locations like concerts and beaches. So the sky’s the limit as far as revenue potential for Snapchat.

So does Snapchat’s new filters spark your interest in the app again? We have to admit this does make the upcoming redesign look even more intriguing.

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