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Normalize This: A&E’s KKK Docuseries Cancelled

Escaping The KKK

Someone—a lot of people, who need to check themselves—at A&E sincerely thought airing a docuseries normalizing the KKK was a good idea. However, righteousness seems to have won because Escaping The KKK has already been cancelled. 

A&E maintained that the show—which was originally titled Generation KKK—hoped to document people trying to get out of the Klan in order to “expose and combat racism.” Despite the jig being in plain sight, the show was canned because it turns out some of the participants were paid.

Check out A&E’s full statement, right here. Sounds like the network used a loophole to cover their asses.

The racists are big mad their show got canned. Oh f*cking well.

That said…

The KKK is a racist and evil group. What more do you need to know about them?

Photo: A&E

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