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New Samsung 360 Round To Allow 3D VR Livestreams In 4K

Already one of the leaders when it comes to introducing the world to VR, with the announcement of the new Samsung 360 Round they are taking things to another level.

Announced at Samsung’s Developer Conference (SDC 2017), the 360 Round was built for specialists and enthusiasts who demand a superior virtual reality experience while streaming high-quality 3D content.

Suk-Jea Hahn, Executive Vice President of Samsung Electronics’ Global Mobile B2B Team had this to say about the 360 Round:

The Samsung 360 Round is a testament to our leadership in the VR market. We have developed a product that contains innovative VR features, allowing video producers and broadcast professionals to easily produce high quality 3D content.

The combination of livestreaming capabilities, IP65 water and dust resistance and 17 lenses makes this camera ideal for a broad range of use cases our customers want—from livestreaming major events to filming at training facilities across various industries.

Samsung 360 Round


Looking like something out of a Metal Gear Solid game, the 360 round uses an astounding 17 2-megapixel lenses, 6 microphones, and 2 mic ports to deliver 3D VR video that is stereoscopic. Oh, and it will also be powerful enough to Livestream in 4K at an amazing 30 frames per second thanks to impressive software.

Sounds good.

As far as durability is concerned, the Round 360 can handle harsh elements, its compact design features IP651 water and dust resistance. The round 360 is also fanless to help reduce weight and silence background noise when recording. Now if you’re wondering how it keeps cool without a fan? Its uni-body chassis is specifically designed to help reduce heat and reduce power consumption for continuous shooting.

The 360 Round also features expandable connectors and ports for additional equipment like microphones and storage for saving for large files.

No information as far as the price has been released yet but owning one of these bad boys is just half the battle. You are also going to need a pretty suped up computer to handle what the 360 Round dishes out as well. Hence this is why the 360 Round is for amateurs but for Pros.

The Samsung 360 Round will be available in the United States in late October and will be available in other markets over time. For more information head over to Samsung to learn more about the 360 Round.

Photos: Samsung

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