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New Music Friday: Gabrielle Aplin at the top, Jessie J at the bottom, various songs in between

Song of the week:
Gabrielle Aplin — ‘Waking Up Slow’ 
For over half a century music critics have searched for new and innovative ways to describe how much they like songs. They’ve deployed metaphor and hyperbole; they’ve attempted to capture in words the sounds they’re hearing and the emotions they’re feeling. And after all this time, the best music journalists still find fresh and exciting ways to bring music to life through text, which is usually a waste of time considering everyone can hear everything anyway, but let’s gloss over that. The point is, on hearing ‘Waking Up Slow’ we willingly subjected ourselves to an hour of transcribing, which is to say the song sounded so brilliant that we got Gabrielle on the phone to talk about it. If you’ve never had to transcribe an interview just take it from us that there really cannot be any higher praise. You can read the interview here, it’s quite good fun.

Wrong of the week:
Jessie J — ‘Real Deal’
Jessie J’s latest career move involves teaming up with M&Ms for the release of ‘Real Deal’. If she really is so hell-bent on marrying music and food she should at least have held out for a supermarket lunch-based campaign and called it ‘Meal Deal’.
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Additional notes:

  • easyJet have released a single that consists of nothing but two CFM56 twin spool high bypass turbo fan engines. It’s better than the Jessie J song.
  • The Rita Ora track is the best of the bunch on an otherwise pretty dated-sounding Avicii EP.
  • It really would be absolutely ideal if Dagny could make it without having to dilute her talents via a slew of features on dance tracks. Can someone try to make that happen please, thanks.
  • The Stefflon Don and French Montana single is a bit of a superstar moment, right?
  • Look we don’t know what’s happening here but the Tori Amos single is really interesting.
  • The Sara Diamond single is quite magical in a pleasantly unassuming kind of way.

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