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New Music Friday: from Lorde (obviously) to Gryffin and Daya, and the songs in between

Song of the week:
Lorde — ‘Green Light’
Last night someone on Twitter was a bit critical of this song, saying that it sounded like Sia, Robyn, Ellie Goulding and Florence ‘+’ The Machine. Now correct us if we’re wrong but a song that sounds like four diverse but brilliant artists — while also still sounding like one of the best popstars of the 21st Century (ie Lorde) with a bit of Niki & The Dove and Icona Pop thrown in — is probably actually quite good, right?

Wrong of the week:
Gryffin, Illenium and Daya — ‘Feel Good’
This is a bit of a sad one. This time last year Gryffin seemed like one of the most promising producers in pop and his artist project started brilliantly with a great Josef Salvat collaboration. But with ‘Feel Good’ and his last release ‘Whole Heart’ we’ve seen him change and dilute his sound into generic post-Chainsmokers Spotpop, to the point where this new one even features Daya. He’s a far better producer than The Chainsmokers, he’s clearly in this for the long haul and we can see the commercial sense in trying to blend in, but it’s a shame to see Gryffin jettison the sound that made him exciting. Fingers crossed for the next release…

Additional notes:

  • The Ace Wilder, Loreen and Wiktoria tracks we’ve included in this week’s playlist were all entries in Sweden’s Eurovision song-finding extravaganza Melodifestivalen. They’re not new this week but there’s not much excitement in the rest of the playlist so we’ve chucked them in. Lesson: if you’re in trouble, call in the Swedes.
  • Two new/old Little Mix songs this week, both with phoned in contributions from rappers so they’ll get played on the radio etc.
  • All in all, not a classic week for new releases. But we’ve had Lorde this week and there’s something big coming next Friday so don’t panic.
  • (And apparently Ed Sheeran has an album out today, but we can’t see any mention of it on Spotify or anywhere else in the media — any pointers very gratefully received!)

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