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New Music Friday: Dagny at the top, Louis Tomlinson at the bottom, various songs in between

Song of the week:
Dagny — ‘Love You Like That’
How to put this… Dagny’s last few releases have not exactly been ‘up there’ with ‘Backbeat’ and ‘Fool’s Gold’. In fact when Dagny released a cover of ‘More More More’ a few weeks ago, and let’s not forget ‘More More More’ is one of pop’s all-time worst songs, we took our Dagny shrine out back and set fire to it. One thing we did not take into account when doing so was that of course a key component of any shrine is a number of candles, and therefore setting fire to them simply brought the shrine to life. And as the shrine flourished in the open air for the first time, it sent a shaft of solid white light hundreds of feet into the night sky. Despite having started life as the result of disappointment, that light became widely interpreted by the music community as a beacon of hope. Music fans from our local area began bringing their own candles. Soon, it became a national concern.  Within four days there were thousands of candles. And the shaft of light grew brighter, stronger and taller. By this point the light was visible across mainland Europe. And that’s when Dagny saw it. Her response? Well, she saw it as a personal message. A challenge. A request. A plea for help. A pop Bat-Signal. The result: ‘Love You Like That’, which is quite good actually.

Wrong of the week:
Louis Tomlinson — ‘Just Like You’
Hey does anyone know if there was a meeting earlier this year where it was decided that Louis Tomlinson’s only hope was to appear as relatable as possible? Anyone? Any ideas? JUST GIVE US A CLUE SOMEONE.

Additional notes:

  • Remember how before Harry Styles decided to be an authentic 70s rock ‘troubadour’ we kept banging on about how his debut solo single should sound like The 1975’s ‘Somebody Else’? Well LANY have brought that dream a little closer to reality by covering ‘Sign Of The Times’ for one of those Spotify Studios sessions.
  • Good grief there’s a lot of 1D solo action this week — the Cedric Gervais mix of Niall‘s ‘Too Much To Ask’ is rather pleasant.
  • Voting in the BBC Sound Of 2018 starts soon, hence Dagny getting back to business this week. Also, though, we see you Tom Walker. We see you Bishop Briggs. We see you Will Joseph Cook. (Sound Of 2016 longlistee Mabel also has a song out this week if anyone’s still interested.)
  • Tell you what, when the Steve Angello and Pusha T song really kicks off it’s a full-on ‘volume up, windows open’ pop moment. Worth our £100 bounty? Possibly…
  • Scavenger Hunt have released a tribute to Carly Rae Jepsen. After last week’s MY song we’re wondering if 2018 will be the year e•mo•pop will finally become a thing. That would not be a disaster.
  • Oh and St Vincent‘s released one of the albums of the year today. Shame it’s likely to go under the rader, if only she’d do some press!!!

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