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Nelly’s Wifey Smacks Down New Rape Accusations

Just when it seemed like Nelly was about done fighting off that sexual assault charge, two more women have come forward with their own stories of misconduct from the St. Louis rapper. Accusations that Nelly’s current wifey pushed back against this past Thursday (Jan. 25).

In a lengthy Instagram post, Shantel Jackson wrote that even though her man “f*cked up” and they’re dealing with the repercussions of said f*ck up, she shoots down any notions of further violations by stating that she was at “Those dates these Jane Doe’s are claiming, I was at those venues, in the dressing rooms, and on that tour bus.”

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Continuing to take his accusers to task, Ms. Jackson went on to say that these false claims “makes things harder for survivors when people lie.”

According to an amended complaint, Jane Doe 1 says that the “Country Grammer” rapper, 43, masturbated in front of her in a dressing room after a concert in December and grabbed her head in an attempt to get her to participate in oral sex.

Jane Doe 2 says she too attended a Nelly concert and after he asked her to follow him to his room so they could get to know each other, he closed the door, stood in front of it, and dropped his drawers.

Naturally only the parties involved know the truth but for whatever it’s worth Nelly has denied all allegations.

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