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Mo’Nique Attempted To G-Check Roland Martin, Didn’t End Well For Her

Mo’Nique and her attempt to get her voice heard while fighting for gender and wage equality has been a noble, if largely unwieldy, fight that most people can get behind. However, when the actress and comedian tried to check media personality Roland Martin on his contributions to aiding women in entertainment, it didn’t go too well for her.

In what appears to be a deleted string of tweets, Mo’Nique wrote to Martin that she’s about to hit the press circuit to apparently bring attention to her current campaign of fighting for wage equality in Hollywood while using her recent issues and call for boycotting Netflix at the center. After inquiring why Martin had not been aiding women in this journey, Martin had time for Mo’Nique and broke it all the way down as seen below courtesy of The Shade Room.

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Wile Martin was never truly disrespectful, the breakdown and replies were pointed and actually seemed to be sparked by a letter that was sent to television host Jawn Murray by Almost Christmas producer Will Packer that highlighted Mo’Nique was difficult to work with.

Twitter caught wind of the chatter and had their own input on the matter. We’ve collected some of the replies below and on the following pages. And we should add that Martin said that he has since spoken privately with Mo’Nique and her husband so there’s no more smoke there.


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