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Meek Mill Caps On Big Booty Model’s Boots, Gets Clapped On

Meek Mill continues to be worried about the wrong things and adding more to his struggle plate buffet, this after getting into it with big booty model Empresaria. The Philadelphia enacted a”What Are Those” moment after pointing out the model’s boots in a photo, and she clapped back while actually using his rival Drake’s “Back 2 Back” as theme music.

The “beef” started last week when Meek commented on one of Empresaria’s photos showing off her assets while rocking a pair of Timberlands. In the reply, Meek wrote, “I will look past that thot pose just to air them yuttas/boots out” which got the model’s attention.

Instagram Photo

Empresaria fired back and took more offense that Meek alleged that her Timberlands were fake over the fact Meek may or may not have called her a thot. The model shrugged it off and said that Meek must still be reeling from the breakup from Nicki Minaj and picking fights with randoms to pass time.


Anyway, we collected what’s out there regarding this slight bit over undercooked mock meat, you know, for the culture. Peep the carnage below.

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

And if you’re just in the mood for it, check out more of Empresaria’s assets below and on the following pages.

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