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‘Love & Hip Hop: New York’ Recap, “Bad Reputation” S8, Ep. 9

Things came to a head this week on Love & Hip Hop, as always. Seems like things are forever bubbling under the surface on this damn show. Let’s begin.

The fight at James R’s video release party ends with Self acting as a mediator to establish a truce between the two guys, who knowingly went back and forth over Sophia the Body. Jacquae decides that the beef is deaded right there and it was all a misunderstanding which doesn’t sit 100% well with us because who’s gon’ have Snoop’s back? After she stuck her neck out in a beef that wasn’t even hers. SMH.

Rich Dollaz and Anais plan a sitdown with Navarro and Ashley and their meeting doesn’t turn out the way they planned. Typical. Ashley starts in on Rich, antagonizing him for being single for so long and having an affair with a married woman.

It’s clear that something deeper is bothering her and she’s triggered. Rich bites, gives in to his fragile sensitivity, tells Ashley she’s “f*cking disrespectful” and walks out. Then the truth comes out. Ashley accuses Navarro of cheating. She says he’s been sneaking around and deleting texts from an unknown woman. Poor Navarro looks genuinely shocked. Then she throws water n his face and leaves.

In the next scene, she’s packing his bags at the crib and when he walks in, still trying to explain that the mystery woman was helping him plan a surprise for her, she also drops the bomb that she’s knocked up. Yikes.

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