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In More Apple News: 3 New iPhone SE Models Set To Launch In 2018

Hey Apple fanatics, passed on the iPhone 8 or iPhone X due to its very expensive price point? Well in 2018 looks like Apple will be launching 3 new iPhone SE models that should be kind on your bank accounts.

Oh, joy…

Apple is looking to have an, even more, busier 2018, with reports of three new iPhone X models coming and now they are looking to put a stranglehold on the smartphone market early with the new SE model. This isn’t the first time Apple dropped an SE model of their popular smartphone either.

iPhone SE

Apple introduced the first SE model to the world in 2016 and it  was basically a watered down version of the iPhone 6 in an iPhone 5 body.  The report was put out by China Economic News Service, in their report, they state the SE2 as they are calling it will indeed sport the similar features as the previous SE Model.

China Economic News Service Reports (translated):

As for the iPhone SE 2 specifications, foreign reports should be the same as the previous generation equipped with 4-inch screen, but for the first time with Touch ID fingerprint recognition capabilities, there may be 32GB and 128GB two versions, priced at about 450 US dollars 13,514 yuan).

$450 is very reasonable but iPhone users want the latest technology that Apple crams into their phones. This sounds like there will be quite a few things missing or the phone won’t be as or near powerful as it’s sister versions the 8 or X.

With this tidbit of interest now out there, are you interested in the much more affordable SE2 model? Or are you still focused on the iPhone X or 8?

Once Apple drops more details on the rumored iPhone SE2 model we will bring them to you.

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