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Here’s 5 Things You’ll Love About Space Scooter (Just In Time For Earth Day)

Space Scooter

[With Earth Day finally here (April 22), there’s no reason anyone should blow time zzz’ing or Netflix binging. We had a chance to try out award-winning mobile ride SpaceScooter and can’t get enough of it. Peep five things we (and you’ll) love about these flashy scooters below!]

1. Back To The Future Fly

Space Scooter parkeerplaats op school

Let’s face it, there’s nothing cool about being too vintage in 2017. You’re not spinning vinyl records or using wired phones, right? So why expect to use a scooter in the old traditional sense? These new Space Scooters are dope af – seriously. The Space Scooter is unique in that it is propelled forward by pushing the board with both feet in an active teeter-totter motion. Practice makes perfect and with warm weather finally here – you’re going to have plenty of reasons to head out on your Space Scooter and flash your skills. CLICK HERE TO BUY YOURS NOW!

2. Kick, Push

Space Scooter_Action 2

Okay, okay – so maybe there are some cool, throwback traditional things we still dig. Let’s face it, there are still some awesome vinyl records worthy of being scratched on a deck and who says cassette tapes aren’t still kinda cool? Well, for all you throwback folks out there – we see you – you’re in luck because another awesome thing we love about this gadget is the fact you can turn it into an old-fashioned scooter. It’s convertible into a traditional kick-scooter. Switch between the two models with one easy adjustment. Meaning, while you want to live in 2017 and show off the future, your older folks or the, er, traditionalists, can enjoy the Space Scooter with you too in their style! CLICK HERE TO BUY YOURS NOW!

3. Space Much?

Space Scooter_Action

A huge reason we can’t get enough of this Space Scooter is because it’s simply transportable and able to be stored anywhere you have space for it. Being able to fold this scooter makes life that much easier. Let’s face it, whether you’re living in a crammed Hoboken, New Jersey or New York City apartment or just have a house full of gadgets, the ease of storing this makes life amazingly sweeter. Grab this when you can, toss it in the car or just store it when the nasty weather comes back – whatever your decision, the power is in your hands! CLICK HERE TO BUY YOURS NOW!

4. Fast & Furious

Space Scooter_Kids Riding 2

Life is all about speed (and caution). There’s nothing fun about a slow-moving scooter. Sorry, there just isn’t. What the Space Scooter provides is some serious push. Whether you’re cruising down the block or gotta go the distance, this is way faster than your traditional ride-on scooter. You can easily get going up to 17 mph. Yes – that fast! CLICK HERE TO BUY YOURS NOW!

5. Everyone’s Included

Space Scooter_Kids Riding

Don’t let the speed scare you away – the X580 model is for everyone. Literally. Whether you’re a kid or full grown adult, you’re going to love this. Of course this makes for a perfect way to celebrate Earth Day but this in general is just an amazing form of transportation to readily have at your hands. No charging, no stress and no time to waste – grab yours today! CLICK HERE TO BUY YOURS NOW!

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