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Get “Crush”ed in Fits’ New Video


In their new video for "Crush," Fits and video director/producer Molly Soda set out to depict both the burning desire, as well as the crushing self-analysis that comes with a serious crush. The blink-and-you'll-miss-it track is a power-pop gem. In under a minute, palm-muted guitars build into pulsating drums and bass until the entire track boils over with the refrain "the thing that you said, it wasn't O.K., not back then."

The band's own Nicholas Cummins says that "the song… can be taken a few different ways; it's about desire and crushing on someone, having a crush, but also about over thinking every wrong thing you may have said to them and being crushed under that self-analysis. For the video, Molly started a mood board that we ended up collaborating on, playing on those two meanings and how to visualize crushing and being crushed. The end result reads a bit like a fetish video but I'm cool with that. I also want to thank Amanda Laskey and Felix Walworth for lending their body parts and getting covered in cake and gum for me."

Everyone's experienced a crush like this. A flame of desire that proves so virulent that it threatens to tear you apart limb by limb. However, the journey towards fulfilling that desire can be its own crushing path. Fits know about such crushes all too well, and their video for the track reveals the folly of our love-struck ways through the only images that suffice, burning cakes and bouquets. 

Fits play with Vundabar and Lance Bangs on 8/1 at Union Pool.

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