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DJ Mustard Detained After TSA Found Gun In Luggage, Friend Arrested

DJ Mustard was detained at LAX after TSA discovered a loaded firearm in his luggage. The friend the producer was traveling with was the one who got arrested, though. 

Reports TMZ:

We’re told the famed music producer and a friend were about to board a plane when the TSA employee detected the gun in a carry-on bag. Law enforcement tells us DJ Mustard and his friend started walking away without the bag when they were nabbed by LAX police.

The weapon in the bag was a loaded, .22 semi-automatic handgun.

The 2 were separated and individually questioned.

Just as we were ready to post this story, cops released DJ Mustard and arrested his friend.

Bruh, how absent-minded are you that you forgot that you have a .22 pistol in the bag you need to put through an X-ray machine. Mustard is saying he had no idea that his friend was packing.

No word on who his homie is, but Mustard is surely looking for a more dependable weed carrier/baggage handler.

Photo: TMZ

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