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Brooklyn Teen Used Last Breaths To Identify Her Killer, Man She Rejected

A 2016 murder case has a great chance of putting the alleged perpetrator behind bars thanks to the victim’s wise use of her very last words.

16-year-old Shemel Mercurius was fatally shot inside a Brooklyn apartment. NYPD alleges that she was allegedly killed by 25-year-old Taariq Stephens who showed interested in dating her but was repeatedly turned down.

It seems he would not take no for answer and showed up to her Brooklyn Avenue apartment a week later. According to documentation, Shemel was babysitting her three-year-old cousin when Stephens came in and shot her three times with a sub-machine gun.

Respondents kicked the door down to find Mercurius bleeding to death, her baby cousin laid next to her covered in blood. During recent court proceedings it was detailed how she had not much time to live but was cognizant enough to talk. Officer Kyle Thomas Daly testified about his experience at the murder scene “I put on gloves, took her off the car and laid her down and began rendering aid. She regained consciousness, gave me her name and date of birth.”

While she was in and out of consciousness she told the officers that it was indeed Taariq Stephens and that she had met him at a daycare the week prior—rejecting his advances. Stephens faces 25 years if convicted.


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