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Boba K — ‘What She’s Like’


  • We have been listening to this song A LOT over the last few days.
  • It’s got amazing”HEY!” moments in it.
  • It pulls

    off an impressive ‘double’ by sounding like loads of stuff that’s already popular while also sounding like nothing that’s already popular.

  • Boba K is not to be confused with Bobak out of history-hasn’t-been-kind-to-them late-90s bonking enthusiasts Another Level.
  • Boba is 24 years old, which is old enough to know what she’s doing but young enough not to know any better, and she’s Ukrainian but lives in London.
  • The press release says she’s worked with Rita Ora’s singing teacher, make of which what you will.
  • Seriously this song’s properly good.
  • They haven’t sent us over any other music yet so we have no idea if this is the start of something immense or the sound of someone shooting their entire load in one song but imagine if there’s more like this. IMAGINE.

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