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Are TNGHT finally reigniting their project?

Don’t look now, but trap music may be on the comeback tip in 2017. In 2012, when dance music was snowballing into the internationally profitable enterprise it has become today, a certain bass music sub-genre was enjoying a celebrated moment in the sun. Trap music was the towering tidal wave and Hudson Mohawke and Lunice were shredding it on a joint-project surf board called TNGHT. But, the wave swelled and by the end of 2013, TNGHT waned so that its component producers could pursue their own solo endeavors. Since then, rumors of a reunion have come and gone. Nothing regarding the reprise of TNGHT has been conclusively substantiated, but that may have just changed.

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Recently, Hudson Mohawke quietly took to Twitter to post a picture suggesting that he and his former counterpart may be back behind the console together once again. The LuckyMe producer has been known to be a bit of a mostly good-natured Twitter troll at times, so there’s no telling if his recent post was him actually lighting the fuse, or if it was merely just a chuckle-worthy meme at the duo’s expense. Lunice has been decidedly quiet on social media, so there’s not definitive word on a TNGHT reunion for now. However, something about this idiosyncratic post seems like it could be the beginning of the TNGHT comeback for which we’ve all been waiting.

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