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Anne-Marie’s only gone and done it

Hey do you remember that entertaining and informative article about streaming that the Guardian ran a few months ago? A quality piece of journalism right there ladies and gentlemen. Anyway there was a portion of it in which Anne-Marie was having a chit-chat about her place in the pop cosmos, where she said:

Not putting out a shit song seems like the perfect plan, doesn’t it? A total masterstroke! But it’s funny how many artists get to Anne-Marie’s stage — present on a couple of big-streaming tracks, internationally recognisable if only by voice — then chuck it all in the bin.

ANYWAY: Anne-Marie’s follow-up to ‘Alarm’ (and the Clean Bandit enormobanger) is out tomorrow/today depending on where you live, and we feel it’s worth acknowledging that while you might not guess as much from the title, ‘Ciao Adios’ is the very opposite of a shit song. It’s kind of halfway between ‘Rockabye’ and ‘Alarm’, in fact, which is sensible in about five different ways and amazing in around forty.

So there you go. Anne-Marie: a popstar whose word you can trust. In these turbulent times that’s something we can all cling to.

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