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5 Things You’ll Love About The New College Of Hip Hop App

The College Of Hip Hop

The College of Hip Hop is the hottest, latest app for all things music, hip hop and entertainment education.Sharing a passion for music, the founders of The College of Hip Hop are twin brothers,Antoine and Santoine Jackson, from Inkster, MI. With the success of Antoine’s former record label, he and Santoine merged their talents to create an innovative platform for the love of music – The College of Hip Hop.

These two brothers are on a mission to tell the world that it is not all about appearance in the world of entertainment and arts – but it’s about knowing how to do business in the industry. The College of Hip Hop has expanded their platform creating THE first education phone application for music and hip hop. The College of Hip Hop phone application is available in both Google Play and Apple Stores.


Here are 5 things you’ll love about The College of Hip Hop App:

1.) The App pays homage to Industry Executives and Tastemakers

When you open the app, it immediately takes you to the Home Page, which includes The College of Hip Hop Executive Elite series. You can read how influencers such as Karen Civil, Russell Simmons, Berry Gordy and more got their start in the industry,

2.) You can learn how to budget as an independent artist/ CEO

The College of Hip Hop App offers a sneak peek of a few of their online courses, including Financing 101, teaching aspiring CEOs and managers how to properly budget while building their brand, team and fan base

3.) Avoid Getting Stuck In A Bad Label Deal

Most new artists and managers are so eager to get signed that they don’t pay attention to the ends and outs of their record deal until it’s too late, facing bad press, IRS problems and more. The College of Hip Hop offers insight on how to properly structure a deal.

4.) It Includes A FREE Resource Guide

Not only does the app include features like Audio Seminars, Audios Streams, but it also has a free resource guide containing links where you can get more information on Copyright forms, ASCAP, BMI, etc

5.) It is extremely easy and simple to use.

No difficult directions or instructions. Subscribers can learn about the music industry on the go. Hip hop and music education at your finger tips. Download the app today.


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