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5 Things You’ll Dig About FIIL’s New Wireless “DRIIFTER” Headphones

[With Beats By Dre, Bose and Monster Products continuing to up the ante in the audio speaker wars, powerhouse FIIL joins the competition with its new wireless Driifter headphones. Check out five things you’ll dig about these holiday shopping-ready must-haves below.]

1. The Tech Is Real

Whether you want to be seamlessly connected to your phone, jack up the volume during a workout or just drown out the sounds in your office, DRIIFTER packs the technology and features typically found in much higher priced over-ear headphones into a lightweight, sleek design. Beyond being incredibly comfortable and subtle, DRIIFTER is also durable enough to power your sound from commute to gym, office to studio and anywhere in between, taking whatever stress and abuse you put it through – without needing a recharge. For everything you do all day long, the $99 DRIIFTER is as relentless about creating transformative sound as you are about creating your art.

2. The Battery Power

What’s worse than hitting the gym for a long workout? How about your wireless headphones dying out?
Rest assured the DRIIFTER headphones have you covered. With 11 hours of battery between jumps, even at full volume output, DRIIFTER will likely outlast your cellphone. Available in black now or red soon, FIIL DRIIFTER is relentlessly committed to keeping up with you all day long.

3. Buy Them Anywhere

Whether you’re looking to grab a pair for yourself or want to get the jump on your holiday gift buying, these aren’t going to be that rare must-have you just can’t find anywhere. FIIL DRIIFTER is available now for $99 at select iconic fashion and electronics retailers nationwide, such as BluWire, Circuit City, Crutchfield, Fry’s Electronics, HiDEF Lifestyles, Huppin’s/OneCall, Saks Fifth Ave and online at Amazon.com or FIIL.com.

4. It’s Deeper Than Music

Remember the day you used your phone to ‘just’ make a phone call? Neither do we but the same is true with your wireless headphones. Why just use them for listening to music? When you don’t want to disappear into your music, DRIIFTER also keeps you connected. With advanced features, such as multi-device pairing, crystal-clear wireless voice call technology, extended Bluetooth range, and full-function controls for your phones, DRIIFTER takes wireless calling further.

5. No Tangle

It’s not enough to just have wireless headphones in 2017. While you’ll avoid being connected to your device, wires are wires and you’re bound to get tangled with yours at some point. But to make it easy to wear all day, DRIIFTER’s KINETIIC™ tangle-free necklace with magnetic clasp keeps the headphones out of your way, and the start-stop feature lets you easily disconnect and reconnect by simply clasping the earbuds together.

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